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Venice Fishing Pier

The Venice Municipal Fishing Pier is located at Brohard Park on the south end of the island of Venice, connected to Sharky’s on the Pier. The 700-foot pier is a great location for fishing as well as the perfect place to soak in a beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

The Pier, owned by the City of Venice, is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no fee to access the pier and the best part is that avid and amateur fishermen alike can fish from the pier without a fishing license. Papa’s Bait Shop is located midway down the Venice Fishing Pier where people can purchase live and frozen bait, coffee, treats, jackets, shirts, and much more. Nearby are six picnic shelters, two sand volleyball courts, public restrooms, a pavilion, and a golf course.

Glass containers, alcohol, tobacco products, tents, rollerblades, bicycles, and pets are prohibited on the Venice Fishing Pier.

About The Pier

The Pier was originally built in 1966 for $133,877. It was destroyed in July of 1981 by a “No Name Storm."  Rebuilding took place in 1984 with Greenhart lumber from South America, the only place in the world to purchase this wood. It did not have to be treated, nor did it shrink, because it was grown in the swamps. In February 2004, the Pier was totally removed. The construction of the current Pier cost $1.75 million, and the money was raised by a municipal bond (recreational). The decking of the Pier is now made of plastic wood fiber composite, is built to withstand a category 4 hurricane, and has a projected life span of at least 50 years.

The Pier is 720 feet long (219.45 meters), 22 feet wide, and the height is 20 feet (6.096 meters).  Water depth at the end averages 16 ½ feet (5.03 meters).


Is there a fee to fish on the Venice Fishing Pier?

There is no fee to fish on the Venice Fishing Pier! Bring your own gear and bait and you’re set to go! Don’t have your own fishing gear? No problem! Rods, reels, and bait are available to rent at Papa’s Bait Shop.

Do I need a license to fish from the pier?

No license is needed when fishing directly from the pier. The City of Venice holds the licensing necessary, so the public is free to fish from the pier 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Please note that if you wish to surf cast from the beach, you will need a Florida license.

What can I get at Papa’s Bait Shop?

Papa’s Bait Shop, located halfway out on the pier, carries rental fishing equipment and Florida snow shovels. They also sell fresh & frozen bait, fishing tackle, hot coffee, cold drinks, sunscreen, ice cream, and apparel. The Bait Shop is open daily, weather permitting.

What is the cost to rent a rod & reel?

You can rent a rod & reel for only $16 a day. 

What is the best time to fish for sharks?

Sharks are night feeders, so you’ll generally get the best results fishing from sundown to sunup. Since the Pier is open all night, it’s a great spot to try your luck shark fishing!

What is a Florida snow shovel?

A Florida snow shovel aids in locating and collecting shark’s teeth in the beach sand. You can rent for $10 per day.

How deep is the water at the end of the Venice Fishing Pier?

The pier extends out 700+ feet from shore. Depending on the tide, the water depth at the end of the pier ranges from 15 – 18 feet.

Who owns the Venice Fishing Pier?

The pier is owned by the City of Venice.

Rules & Regulations

The Pier belongs to the City of Venice, for all to enjoy, young and old, locals and visitors, anglers and sightseers, day-breakers, and sun-downers. Please be courteous to each other, and keep the Pier enjoyable for everyone! We would like to remind Pier visitors of the rules and regulations published in the Venice City Charter, along with some common-sense guidelines.

First, the common courtesy suggestions:

  • Put all TRASH in the receptacles.
  • Stick to the TWO POLE RULE, and don’t line the rail with lots of unused rods.
  • Don’t set up a TENT - it becomes an obstacle and can tie up the pedestrian flow.
  • Please clean up any cut-up or netted BAIT to prevent others from slipping, and to minimize foul odors. This is one of the few piers that allow NETTING – please don’t abuse the privilege.
  • There is a limit of ONE SHARK per Florida regulations. Practice catch & release when SHARK FISHING, and return the shark to the water quickly to minimize harm.

The City of Venice and the Venice Police Department are committed to maintaining the Pier as one of Venice's premier landmarks. If you see a problem, gently inform the offender of the rules, or call the Venice Police so that they can take care of the problem.

Here are the published regulations, from the Venice City Charter:

NO CAMPING OR SLEEPING - No overnight camping of any type or sleeping shall be allowed.(Sec. 46-62-3)

NO LITTERING - No person shall dispose of any paper, waste, garbage, trash, cigarette butts, debris, or other litter of any kind except in proper receptacles.(Sec. 46-62-4)

NO UNAUTHORIZED SALES OR RENTALS - No person shall solicit or canvass for the sale or rental of merchandise, services, goods or property of any kind or character. This prohibition shall not apply to a tenant, concessionaire… or a licensee of the city lawfully operating within the terms of any lease, concessionaire agreement or permit granted by the city.(Sec. 46-62-5)

NO GLASS CONTAINERS - No person shall hold, drink from, carry into, otherwise possess, or dispose of glass containers of any kind.(Sec. 46-62-6)

NO BICYCLES OR ROLLERBLADES - No person shall perform any activity which, at the time of performance, is not compatible with the public’s utilization of the area. No person shall ride, use or operate bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skate boards… (Sec 46-62-7) … on the Pier or around the concession area.(Sec. 46-64-1b)

NO PETS - Dogs, cats, and other animals, other than service animals, are not allowed in … Brohard Park or on the Venice Fishing Pier.(Sec. 46-62-9)

NO TOBACCO - The use of tobacco products is prohibited in all areas… (Sec 46-62-10)

NO ALCOHOL – No person shall sell, possess or consume any alcoholic beverage without the written authorization of the city manager.(Sec. 46-62-11)

MAXIMUM 2 FISHING LINES – No person using the Fishing Pier shall use more than two fishing lines at one time.(Sec. 46-64-1a)

NO WATERCRAFT WITHIN 300 FEET OF THE PIER – No person shall operate or navigate any boat or watercraft within 300 feet of the Venice Fishing Pier.(Sec. 46-64-2)

NO DIVING OR JUMPING FROM THE PIER – No person shall dive or jump from the Fishing Pier or swim or surf within 150 feet of the centerline on the Pier structure.(Sec. 46-64-3)